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Verfasst: 3. Februar 2022, 02:35
von Pattock
Can anyone tell me the identity of this Hoodia? It does not seem to match any species or subspecies I can find. I bought it from Uhlig Kakteen as Trichocaulon flavum. It is clearly not Hoodia flava. I am hoping it is a hybrid of two subspecies of Hoodia pilifera.

How unlikely is Hoodia dregei x Hoodia triebneri in a German nursery? :D

Flower - 3cm diameter.

Stems - 15cm tall, 3-4cm diameter

Thorns - 4-5mm long

Ribs - 20-22
Hoodia flower 2.JPG
Hoodia Full 2.JPG

Re: Hoodia

Verfasst: 3. Februar 2022, 22:09
von asclepias
very nice plant. Probably a hybrid between flava and pilifera. I've never heard of a hybrid between flava and triebneri and I haven't seen any pictures either. So unlikely, but not impossible either.

Regards Roland

Re: Hoodia

Verfasst: 4. Februar 2022, 21:54
von Pattock
Hi Roland

I went through Meve's Illustrated Handbook of Succulents Plants and it seemed to have some quality of every species of section Trichocaulon and several from section Hoodia. It is likely that the mother was H. flava, which would explain why they were sold as H.flava. They are very short, only getting to 15cm, very convenient for my growing space.

Uhlig Kakteen got back to me and suggested H. flava x H. pilifera or H. flava x H.ruschii. They got it from an Italian supplier. H. flava x H.ruschii looks very possible, it explains the size and shape of the flower and the tiny papillae.